Monday, July 25, 2011

August 2009 update - The birthday season begins!!

Map reading ...........inspired by Appa!!!

The battle of lashes

The tricolor painting............

NDP rehearsals

We went to Marina Bay to witness the rehearsal of Singapore's National Day Parade (NDP-09), which hopefully will turn out to be an annual tradition for us. We went there last year as well and watching the fighters in formation and the final fireworks display was the highlight for me last year. This year was no different... only Sweety mausi joined as well.. The roar of the chinook in the sky leading the other helicopters in formation carrying the Singapore flag was breathtaking. We also waited for awhile to view the fireworks and when it started it was mindblowing (as all those judges in the Zee TV music program Sa Re Ga Ma Pa are seen to inanely utter)
I now am being taught Majulah Singapura in the school and Jana Gana Mana at home. One nation. One People One Singapore
There was also an inevitable Jurong Bird Park darshan for Sweety mausi. It was a race against time as always in these places trying to view as many scheduled live performances as possible with Appa performing cartographic optimization as only he can!!! A penguin feeding session here...a pelican session there... a multi-bird performance at the pools amphitheatre.

Another yearly tradition is the creation of a tricolour for the Indian Independence Day on Aug 15 every year. The change this time around was that I already knew which colors went in the flag.

Appa had to go to Bangalore as Bagyam-paati was to undergo surgery and paati recovered well after the surgery. Amma and Appa both say that paati is very strong!!

August at Toh Guan signifies the beginning of the birthday season that continues over a period of a few months.. The excitement is in selecting gifts for all the birthdays and then selecting a theme for the birthday cake and the return gifts as well..Fortunately, Amma and Appa had done some advance planning and picked up some good gifts from India for my friends' birthday parties. When it came to time for selecting my birthday cake, I selected an aeroplane cake but then finally decided on an Edible Tools cake.

The phrase of the month has to be "kids' dash". Here is the inside story. Appa registered to run the half-marathon at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in December. This year they introduced a new run called kid's dash, a 750 m run. Appa registered me for the kids' dash and he told me about it. You see, I am always amazed at the English language. I always thought that a kids' dash involved kids dashing against each other and told Appa and Amma how I would enjoy all the dashing. Appa, Amma and Sweety-mausi were rolling on the floor(??) laughing and then explained me the nuances of English phraseology and that things are not always what they seem!!
We have also started a weekly routine to sort out our recylable waste and then go over to the multi-coloured recycle bins (blue for paper, yellow for , red for ) and bin our waste that way.
Song of the month has been: Mein kahbi batlata nahin!!

Painting............inspired by Amma.

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