Monday, July 25, 2011


Tis' the birthday season!!!
I was exposed to exotic Indonesian-Thai combo cuisine at the Bali Thai restaurant alongwith my Sweety mausi, Amma and Appa.
Amma and mausi were planning this party for a very long time and the house was transformed that day with a lot of decorations!!! There was also a rangoli of tools that my Appa did specially for me and followed a theme..
And at the right hour my friends started streaming in... and as soon as they got settled in were handed a couple of sheets to draw!!! My friends were all thinking... oh oh.. its almost like a classroom.. but they soon got over it..
Then after what seemed like ages, Appa brought the birthday cake. The topping was of tools.. wrench, screw-driver, nuts, bolts .. almost as if it was Bob.. the builder...
After this party, there was a separate dinner at Annalakshmi restaurant and we were joined by some of Appa's colleagues and friends too..
Then came the best part.. opening the gifts.. It was fun ripping apart those gift wrappers and looking at what I got...I loved all those gifts but the airport set and the Rheneas, one of the Thomas engines was special. I got a catalog of all of Thomas' engines as part of the package. The next few weeks were spent asking Appa to name each of the various engines.. I liked Gordon, a lot. Amma tried to arrange the airport set for me, gave up and Appa took over and then I had my airport set functional for my various adventures. Did you know - its got airport fire engines, airport transfer coaches, a control tower and a radar on top of it?

We went to Clarke Quay and Appa did the reverse bungy with Sweety. I was disappointed that I couldn't do it but I am sure I will do it when i grow big. We also had a nice 'packed' dinner by the river followed by ice-cream that made it a memorable evening!
We also went to the West Coast beach and saw the kite flying festival. There were so many colorful kites and Appa had half a mind to come over the next day too...but Amma vetoed it!!

There was the mandatory for Singapore visitor, Sentosa visit too. Appa took me to the underwater world where again i made my connection with the sharks and stingrays. I also was goaded on by Appa to hold a snake and pose with it. It was slimy... yet satisfying as Simba says in Lion King..We then visited the Marina Barrage, a newly built dam across from the CBD with good views overlooking the CBD and the flyer. There were some nice fountains too.. where you could dip your feet into and get wet.

Appa told me about typhoons, hurricanes, tornados and cyclones in the backdrop of Typhoon Ketsana ravaging Manila. I have been fascinated by them and keep asking Appa again and again as to what typhoons are and how they are created...

The song of the month is Love me, love me..

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