Tuesday, November 04, 2008

June 2008 Update

Amma began an art class during the June school holidays. It was a great way for me to have more fun.. Suma, Krish, Vaishnavi came over and I joined them in their new creations.
I continued to have more fun with Thatha and Paati and once persuaded Thatha to be my pillion rider on my scooter.
Thatha & I on my scooter
All of us went to the Science Center near our house.
chhota bhooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We were greeted by a growling T-rex and then in a flash I knew I had understood one of the deepest secrets of life viz. Who Barney really is?
Amma then used her creativity to fuse me & T-rex to create a new species called Om-saurus. I then realized what it must be like for a half creature such as a mer-maid or a centaur or a mer-lion!!
I can now also identify most of the dinosaur toys that I got from Pranav bhaiyya incl T-rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Allosaurus, etc.
While we are talking 'creativity' I also managed to enhance my collage portfolio.
Car collage creation in process
Under my creation
Making a puppet show house
My school continued and my routine of Appa dropping me off and Amma getting me back proceeded uneventfully until a couple of HFMD cases occured which meant Appa & Amma let me stay at home for a couple of weeks.
I can now identify cars from their logos... Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda.. u name it and I am able to identify the brand of the car. I sometimes teach Amma about the car logos when she gets confused which is pretty much, most of the time. If I came across a new logo and I looked at Amma, she would say "Amma doesn't know.. lets ask Appa". After a few such occurences, as soon as I saw a new logo I automatically exclaimed "lets ask Appa" and Amma would say "Yes kanna".
My Passion In the lap of nature
We had gone over to the Marriott hotel and I was put into the children room which I monopolized.
Appa & I @Takashimaya

All of us also went to the newly opened Singapore flyer and I enjoyed the views from up-top.
in the flyer

We also celebrated Mitran's first birthday in style.
Mitran, Appa, me & Tarz uncle
We also went to the West Coast Park with the new gang of friends from Toh Guan

We also went to the Henderson Waves with Thatha, Paati, Shanti-paati, and Bhajin.

At the end of Thatha and Paati's visit we went to send them off to the Changi airport and there I also managed to catch up with Ronnie Mac.
In Appa's Shoes This is the famous My-Gym flip
Amma, I and my cow The faces of Mickey

Vaishnavi & I