Monday, July 09, 2007

June - July Update

We have now moved to our own apartment which we bought in May. We had a small Grihapravesham (housewarming) ceremony for which Thatha, Paati and Raghu chithappa had come all the way from India.

Let me tell you a bit about our new digs. I have got more crawl-room now at home. Appa & Amma have consciously not added any extra furniture that would impede my explorations. I have a lot of new places to discover now.. have to start from scratch here. I also found a balcony which is totally new to me.

We went along to the Little Guilin Park in Bukit Batok as well as the Upper Seletar reservoir with Thatha and Paati. On both these trips we visited temples. Thatha managed to visit more than 25 temples during his trip in June.

I love playing with my Thatha's uddarani patram & prayer books while he is doing his daily puja. I love taking bath in the tub, squealing & babbling all the time.

I now have a lot of toys which Amma puts into the toy basket. Whether I love to play with toys, I am not sure.. but I sure do like emptying the toy basket.

Thatha takes me for a walk everyday to the childrens' play area. So now I have figured out the way I can get Thatha to take me out is to go towards the pram and look at Thatha and he gets the clue. Talk about non-verbal communication.

I love manouevring myself into the drawing room display unit. Amma has given my own designated drawer in the kitchen where all my plastic utensils are kept. And I can play wit them whenever I want.

I love looking out for cats on our daily walks. I love playing with coloured balls & i open my eyes to different flowers fixed to the windows of my bedroom. I think I will become a polyglot whatwith being conversed to in Tamil, Hindi, English and sometimes even, Kannada & Marathi.

I love playing different tunes on my Casio keyboard. My diet.. I love eating dosa/idly etc. (whatever Amma/Appa have on their plates) in addition to my Dumex stuff.