Tuesday, August 12, 2008

May 2008 Update

In Amma's words I am doing justice to my name, Krishna (vennai-thirudi aka butter-thief). Butter has come from behind to top the charts of my all-time favorite foods. I love butter so much that I raid the fridge and get the butter myself. Now Amma makes sure she gives me some butter everyday.
I am now a Streethawk!!!, courtesy Akash my hero!!! Akash is such fun to be with (and a Ben Ten fan to boot) and he teaches me quite a lot of new things, including Power Rangers. I can now recognize a few of them but still haven't fully got quite a hold of, partly because Appa & Amma are ensuring that I don't watch too much TV.
On one of the days, Amma gave me a surprise by taking me to Akash's place after school and I made the best of it by having a blast over there. Akash-anna had made a picture of his family and put me in the picture as his little brother. He wants to keep me with him.. and I don't mind it except I need to go home too...
Akash visited us as well and we made use of this time to play some good old hide n' seek.

Amma & Appa took me to Appa's colleague Gopal uncle's house one of the days. Appa then played tennis with Gopal uncle and others while I played around in the playarea. It was so much fun and I was watching Appa and admiring his play, while simultaneously playing in the play area. Later, Aditya anna showed me some of his toys and I was delighted to see a toy bendy bus, motorcycles among the various toys. What could I say, it was a treasure trove of toys. And Aditya wanted us to have a sleep-over but unfortunately, I had to decline due to activities planned for the next day.On May 11th, we had a Mothers' Day function at MMI. We kids had to introduce our moms to everyone present. I saw one kid doing the introduction and I easily picked it up and then introduced my mom to everyone over there, even though I know little about structuring sentences. There was one activity where the moms would be cooped up in one room and then sing a line and the kids had to recognize the voice. As soon as I heard "i love you... you love me..." I recognized the voice and ran to her. All in all I entertained everyone.

Yippee .. Thatha & Paati came over to stay with us for a while. And I made the most of it. Thatha has a daily morning sandhyavandanai and I started joining him in it as well. So, Amma gave me a separate plate, water and spoon so I could do my own thing as well. Boy... did i have fun!!! Taking the water, sprinking it on oneself.. ah the joy...
Thatha and I
Pranayama - Begin

Pranayama - End
Mamopaata samastha

At Annalakshmi
We went over for lunch to Annalakshmi, on one weekend and I had a gala time just talking to the nice volunteers at the restaurant. After that, Amma took us on a short trip in Chinatown. Without any insistence from me, Appa out of the goodness of his heart decided to get me a bendy-bus, the kind you see mostly from TIBS on the Singapore roads. Funnily enough, the wording on the bus itself seems to suggest it was intended for export to Colombia but ended up in Singapore from where else, China.. I always wonder how much globalized the world is..

I love wearing the veshti like Thatha and have now started to drink joos (Vitagen) which the lady dressed in red from Vitagen gets for us. I want to drink Vitagen all the time and have many times made moves on the fridge but Amma is very alert and she can catch me even if she is in the other room. I also love to play with Paati's pottu. One of my favorite stories from Thatha is the story of Gajendra-moksha, especially "crocodile thapp ne panitta".
Thatha, Paati, Appa, Amma & I also went to the Suntec City area and took some snaps near the Fountain of Wealth, which was very interesting. There was also a display of animals in Suntec and I managed to have a tiger pose with me.

We also went to my friend Mitran's (Tarz chithappa & Sukanya chithi) own house in Sengkang and after that to Bhajin's place. Thatha taught me that Bhajin stayed near Fernvale LRT.
My little brother Shreyas had come over alongwith Bhaskar periappa & Nirmala periamma to see Thatha & Paati. He's such a darling and I am sure he'll be fun to play with, but for now, I get a bit angry when Appa konjifies him.
Nowadays, Amma & Appa and even Thatha and Paati have resorted to talking in code language like G.O. for go and "Do you want some J.U.I.C.E (juice) so that I dont understand. It took me a while to put two and two together and now I have wisened up to their tricks.
All in all, May '08 was a blast due to Thatha and Paati.