Wednesday, June 18, 2008

April 2008 Update

Early in April, we had Amma's birthday dinner at Original Sin and Bhajin, Vidya atthai & Sathya atthai had joined us in singing the birthday song for Amma. You can't imagine how much fun I had, hopping from one chair to another. Bhajin is a rock star!!! He is my role model!!

One of the days, I decided to get on Amma's nerves. The way it happened was I hid in Appa's wardrobe and closed it. Amma was looking for me all over the house and after some time she started getting worried and then finally gave up. Then I decided to help her out by giving her a clue and started mewing like a cat. She then managed to find me and was mighty relieved finding me. She then did the motherly thing of explaining that it wasn't safe to do such things. Safety.. what's that? As it is I like opening Appa's wardrobe and sitting in it. Its anyone's guess whether I will be back playing hide & seek with Amma some other day.
Appa & Amma have got me enrolled into MMI (Modern Montessori International). I love going to cooool... Ssori at West Coast (Modern Montessori school at West Coast). I got my own pair of uniform, shoes, socks. I have this funny feeling I am going to be wearing these types of uniforms for a long time to come. At school, I now know all these new people.. Mis Soni, Randale, Colin, Shania. I managed to pick up these names in the first week itself. I talk a lot with Amma on what I did & what I ate and in general, what went on at school each day. I even told Amma "Om ollo gefriend Shania". Besides, Amma always takes out the diary from my bag and shows Appa what Miss Rahima has written each day.
I am now very busy whatwith MMI on weekdays and My Gym on Saturdays. I now also know the names of different flowers and can identify some of them. I do a lot of painting & crayoning at home.
My vocabulary is now officially bursting at its seams. Its been tough for amma to keep a track of the new words that I have picked up as they are too much and so there isn't an itemized list in this update and in the future.
I also love to try on Amma's sandals sometimes.

Will be back with an another update soon...

Monday, June 09, 2008

March 2008 update

Ever since I have come back from Oz-land, I have been bombarded with questions on what I have seen in Australia, did i see a kangaroo.. etc. I can happily tell everyone that i have seen

kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, seagulls, penguins, etc. I can also point out the Opera House if I am shown a picture.
I still remember Kumar-uncle saying good job and Priya-aunty with her Cheerios.

I now have a new bath song Patti-rap which Appa & I sing during my weekend bath sessions. Amma especially laughs at the line 'podumada sami enakku oru wife'...
Amma's schoolmate Shashank had come over to Singapore and I had a chance to meet up with him and I had a tough time trying to keep up with their conversation, and tried to muscle in on the conversation with my tantrums.
I have started going to "My Gym" on Saturdays. I love playing with all the items over there and also love the teachers there.

Bhajin had come over and I enjoyed going on walks with him and playing with him.
on the way to my gym
I overnight doubled or tripled my toy collection when Pranav bhaiya gave all his toys to me and now I am the proud owner of a Lightning Mcqueen car, a taxi, a fire-engine truck, a helicopter and other assorted stuff.
I now do everything with my transport toys. I play with them, sleep with them, eat with them and even tuck my toys under the pillow and on the side of the bed.
The tent-house is also up and I have all my stuff there too.
can u sit like this????

The other actvitity completed was that of my own car collage.