Monday, June 07, 2010

July 2009 update - Sweety mausi's visit

I promptly rejoined my alma mater MMI at West Coast. It was great seeing Ms. Rahimah, Ms. Nisha, Ms. Li Fen and the rest. Whats changed this time over is that I am chauffeured in a van to my school. Last year, it used to be Appa dropping me off in the morning for me to be picked up in the afternoon by Amma. Besides, I now have my own bus card that i carry around everywhere and tap proudly in buses!!
Sweety mausi visited us in Singapore and I had a great time taking her around Singapore. We did the mandatory Esplanade, River walk and Merlion.
Achievement of the month!!! I should tell you all that I now have the proud privilege of being able to enter Småland, kids' own area in Ikea which means that I am now 36 inches tall. I was envious all the time until now because with the height prerequisite I never could go in earlier. I had a gala time that day with me just running around just like that and watching TV and just enjoying myself in the enclosure while Appa, Amma and Sweety mausi shopped to their hearts' content.
The racial harmony day celebration at school was fun.. There was a fashion show and Appa gave me a quick lesson on how to make an impression from the catwalk stage. Not that I needed one!!! Anyways I followed his instruction to a T and Amma was mighty impressed. There were also performances by the teachers and my Amma was in traditional attire, the sari, with me in a kurta.
It was a joy to reconnect with my new big tub bath with my friends the dolphin, whale, shark, crocodile, and the sting-ray. We all also went to the newly rejuvenated 'Hort-Park' with Mihir-Vaishnavi-Annu-aunty-Kishore-uncle joining us. We fed the fish at the entrance and then played at the kids-park. Then Appa took us kids to the glasshouses which had different kinds of flora in there maintained at their appropriate temperatures. It was a great way to end the day.
Appa had planned a little surprise for Amma and Sweety chithi. He took them along to the Singapore International Jewellery Show 2009 and there he managed to surprise them with gifts. I was just yawning away and wanted to get out of there asap. The Fountain of Wealth show there was a treat for the eyes after the boring jewellery show!!! We had dinner of roti-subzi prepared by Amma and Sweety mausi by the fountain and that was awesome.
I am back to my old ways at school. It is fun and the biting is too!! I managed to bite 3 different kids over a period of 2 weeks that had Amma and Appa pulling out all stops to get me to behave. When asked why, I did tell them that I knew biting was wrong but just went ahead and did it. In addition to the regular daily discussion about how biting was bad, this episode also brought about a daily check of whether I had bit anyone that day. This daily check process helped to eliminate the biting very soon..
It was just great to be back with Appa and I had missed him very badly during my long stay in India. I also met Shreyas, my little friend at Little Guilin. It was great fun and I did love the rock climbing over there.

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