Sunday, May 13, 2007

Update 2: Vietnam Visit

Appa had to visit Vietnam in March on an official trip and he decided to take Amma and I along.. We stayed in a hotel right in the heart of the Ho Chi Minh City. Being an infant, I was only interested in observing whats going on. Amma was commenting on how beautiful the city was as well as how nice the people were. We visited the botanic garden, museum, water puppet show and assorted restaurants. The Vietnamese seem to have taken to me, and they come over, look at me and try to make me laugh. I loved rolling over in the huge king-size bed and talking to the sweet housekeepers at the hotel as they came to make up our room.

We also went to Ben Thanh market, a couple of times, Amma got herself an Ao-dai, Appa got himself a wooden ship and I got myself a set of traditional clothes too..
All in all... the Ho Chi Minh City trip gets a 10 on 10.

By the way, I have started creeping and trying to move my myself. Amma says that the movement resembles that of a caterpillar. Appa thinks it reminds him of kambilipucchi.

Update 1: 8 Months

For folks who are following this blog, apologize for the lack of updates for the past 3-4 months, been too busy discovering a lot of things.
Where shall I start

Appa took off during Chinese New Year holidays and we took this opportunity to visit Chennai & Bengaluru. In Chennai, I saw my kollu-thatha-paati, (great-grandparents) for the first time, chinna Thathas, Raja & Viswam and chinna Paatis, Lalitha and Vasanthi. My beautiful atthai Meena was preparing seriously for her 10th exams although she took some time out and treated me to a dance. My chithappas Hari and Vijay also got to know me. Also, I had a chance to visit some others of my own age group at this organization called Udavum Karangal (Helping Hands). I also visited an interesting organization called Lifecell, which stores stem cells from umbilical cord. Appa says this will become more popular in the future. I also met my cousin Pradyumnan, Preeti chithi, Babu chithappa, Thatha, Paati.

In Bengaluru, Bangalore (these names will continue to confuse me), my thatha and paati were overjoyed to see me and Raghu chithappa had arrived from Mumbai to surprise us. I also attended some get-togethers with Appa and Amma's pals from school and college. I also met Babu maama who had come over from his hostel to see me.