Friday, February 17, 2012

the Year gone by sep 2009- sep2010

The Year Gone By!!
• Started year 4 with a rollicking party organized by Sweety mausi!!
• Acted as a tree in the ‘Diwali’ rendition of Ramayana!!
• Ran the kids’ dash at Stanchart with a medal to prove it!!
• Had a memorable vacation in Bali; Explored Pulau Ubin with friends;
Overdosed on strawberries at Cameron Highlands!!
• Fulfilled my ‘childhood’ dream of going in an amphibious vehicle and entered
the mouth of the biggest lion out there, the Merlion!!
• Managed to set a school transition record by shifting from MMI to
Yuvabharathi to home–schooling to GIIS
• Enjoyed being chaperoned to school by Anupriya ma’am
• Got my favorite uncle ‘Bhajin’ married
• Regaled Lacchi paati, Bagyam paati, Gopalan thatha, chikku-taatha and family
with my antics
• Hosted my friend from across the Pacific: Ankita and family
• Got inspired to be a hip-hop dancer by the DID Li’l Masters
• Began my efforts at being a polyglot and music aficionado with lessons in
Mandarin and piano

A peek into the past year.

My most favorite person in the world!!
I love you appa!!!Happy times……