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August 2008 Update

Saying bye to my teachers from MMI@WestCoast

My favorite car!!!!
My other favorite Ferrari F1 car
To say August is an eventful month is an understatement of the highest order.
August is the month for birthdays at Toh Guan... Every other day, there's a birthday party and the "Happy birthday" song is sung with great gutso. Sapna aunty has come up with an interesting twist to the song that each of us looks forward to while we sing the song. One ritual is for us to see whats the topping on the birthday cake.... car, barbie, barney etc. I have gotten so used to going to these parties that I ask Amma regularly whether there's any birthday to attend every other day. Check out the slideshow for the birthday snaps.
Anuhya's Birthday
Amma & Praga aunty had got the kids trained in dance and on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami we let our moves rip. All the parents had attended the session and were thoroughly entertained. For the record, the girls danced to Maiyya Yashoda and the boys to Hare Ram Hare Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram.
The folks over at MMI had some interesting events organized as well for August. First, there was the Singapore National Day, where everyone was in red and I even got my own crown. Appa and Amma told me that I was looking like a darling prince in my attire.
Singapore's national day
Second, they organized a visit to the Singapore zoo and Amma also accompanied me that day. It was a lot of fun.
Thirdly, they also had a Family day party at West Coast Park and we had a fun couple of hours playing "Treasure hunt". Appa, Amma & I had some fun and I also gave Amma a flower from one of the trees and Amma was touched by the gesture.
At My Gym, they had organized a Kids Olympics and I had some great fun participating in all of those events and also in getting a certificate.
Why should adults have all the fun? Our very own Olympics
Performing Olympics under Appa's watchful eye
Appa, Amma and I went to the Marina area to see the rehearsal of the National Day Parade'2008 from a distance. Enjoying the fighter plane acrobatics in the sky with an ice-cream is an experience worth repeating.

The Toh Guan gang also visited the Botanic Gardens on 9th August, the National Day here and we had some great fun running and playing in the park.
Botanic Garden Fun
With the Indian Independence Day on 15th, Amma showed me how to draw my own tricolor. I can now recognise the Indian flag. Appa took me to the Indian High Commission at Grange Road with me dressed in my tricolor-kurta and we managed to attend the function. I saw many kids singing and dancing and the tricolor atop the staff. Appa told me that we had attended the last year's celebration with me in a pram.
My very own tricolor
Painting my tricolor
I have watched Amma perform puja (prayer) to the ummachis (Gods) all these months. I have got her routine fully mapped out. First she says a prayer, then lights the lamps, then namaskaram. I have started doing that daily as well - reciting Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namo Narayanaya, Achyutaya, Anandaaya, Govindaaya, Gopaalaya, Shri Krishnaaya, Vishnave Hari. Then I do my namaskaram with Hey Bhagwaan, Shakti do, Buddhi do, Shaanthi do.. Sabko... Jai Hind. Amma also told me the story of Ek Chidiya and not only do I like the story but also Amma's rendition of the same.
In addition we had the Raksha Bandhan as well. I was eagerly waiting for my rakhi sisters -Anuhya, Vaishnavi and Navya and they all came and tied rakhi on my wrist and applied tilak on my forehead.
My very first Rakhee!!I now enjoy sleeping on my fire-truck bed. Poom poom from Partner and Om Shanti Om continued to be favorite songs.
Neeraj mama had visited us and showed us pictures of my honewali-mami. We also went on a pizza lunch with him..
With Neeru from Icon
Soupy Beard
These days we have started a new tradition as well.. whenever we go to IMM for our shopping, I get to play in my favorite Barney car.
My favorite Barney at IMM
I have now patented my own "I'm angry" look. If the Big B could be the Angry Young Man, I can be the angry young boy.
My really cute "I'm angry" pose

We also celebrated my 2nd star birthday by going to Murugan kovil (temple) on 27th August.

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