Saturday, December 27, 2008

September 08 Update

Cycling we will go...

Bliss on earth!!
A musician is budding!!
After shopping
Amma & I have been feverishly preparing for my 2nd birthday. Starting with creating the return gift tees for each of the 26 special invitees to selecting the cake from the web, to the final preparations for the birthday. For more details of the big party, head over to Amma's blog.
My Birthday cake
Birthday boy
On 5th Bhajin also came over, wished me and gave me 2 transformers.
I love cycling, thanks to Aarav who gave me his cycle as he got a new one..
Back to home-schooling for me. I was given a well-deserved break from school thanks to Appa and Amma. Amma has been finding out new ways to keep me engaged, now that I am not going to MMI. I love painting but I dont care that much for crayoning. My phonics lessons are underway. We have also started an F1 collage that I am yet to complete.
The newest word in my vocabulary is "BECAUSE". Appa & Amma figured that while other children ask "Why" my signature word is "BECAUSE". It goes like this.. Amma or Appa make a statement like - "You have to eat roti (or bread or peanut butter or whatever)" and I will interject "BECAUSE". Then they will start telling me that I would have to eat roti because it would make me big and strong like Hanuman or Ghatothkach or Bhajin etc. Appa was first bewildered with this usage but now he is fully onboard and even takes care to explain to others what "BECAUSE" means.
My latest passion is reading. Appa brought me a few books from the library one day, about Thailand, Cars, Dinosaurs and I have been hooked ever since. I make sure I am read at least one book before I sleep at night and at least 2/3 in the afternoon before I sleep.
We went to the Science Center where there was an kids' exhibition on. Appa & I made an electrical circuit over there. We also went into a stall where it was dark, only lit by laser lights and the friendly staff got some pictures. There was also an F1 car exhibition and it was fun to see the vintage as well as new Ferraris. Did I ever mention that Ferrari is my dream car. Audi is next on the list.
Ferrari @ Science Centre
Appa & I making an electrical circuit

We had gone over and had a gala time at the Jurong swimming complex, which gets my recommendation for a family's day out. Its got 3 slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, couple of kids pools and a normal swimming pool.
Thatha has a trademark way of saying "exactly" and now I say "exactly" exactly like Thatha.
My new favorite song is Pappu cant dance saala and nowadays Beyonce sings us our lullaby To the left.


Khay Mun said...

Hi there! Just read your comment about Kai's school on my blog. Do you have an e-mail that I can write to? Would prefer not to unveil that publicly. :)

Appa said...

Khay Mun:
You could send it to priyaravijee AT gmail