Tuesday, December 30, 2008

October 2008 update

At home with Amma & Appa


Diwali night

Navratri had begun and I enjoyed going to haldi-kumkum functions with Amma everyday to different houses. Rishabh and family had put together a navratri golu. It even had a small play zoo in addition to the dolls of God. I made a photo frame for Vaishnavi akka with Amma's help.
My vidyarambham took place on 9th October at Krishnan kovil in Bugis. During the vidyarmabham ceremony, Appa wanted to give me all the lessons, starting with Om, the numberals 1-10, 0, infinity, A-Z, the Sanskrit alphabet etc. and Amma and the priest had to ask him to take it easy. Then during the Dussehra celebration, the story of the week was that of King Ram and his war with Ravana.

We also went on a trip to KL with Vaishnavi, Mihir, Annu-aunty and Kishore uncle. I then regaled everyone with what Mihir says most of all (viz. no no no) and what Vaishnavi said most of all (viz. Om.. please don't do that...). In KL we went up the hill at Batu caves to see the Murugan temple. It was fun. Appa took me inside the cave where they had iguanas. Appa showed me how to hold an iguana in his hand. I got encouraged and tried my hand at holding an iguana. The attendant took a picture of that but unfortunately that and other pictures got deleted by chance. Amma was really distraught at all those lost pictures.
Appa and I in front of the Twin towers @ KL with a light shower on..
The royal prince of Malaysia
The Malaysian royal family @ Menara KL
Looking at Batu caves thru a telescope in Menara KL
Mihir, Appa and I in our hotel room

Then we had Diwali party with mom's friends and their families. It was great watching "Singh is King" dance at the party. I now believe every sardar with a turban is a "Singh is king". One day when i saw a sardar on a scooter.. i told Amma "King is on the scooter". Amma was surprised and asked in her inimitable way.. "Where kanna??". I pointed to the scooter and Amma burst out laughing. And she shared this with Appa and Appa was amazed at my inductive reasoning capabilities... Singh = King, Singh is on scooter, so King is on scooter..
Amma was so amused at my antic that she started sharing it with everyone who cared to listen..
Looking at Singh is King

On the morning of Deepavali, we all went to the Murugan kovil to offer our prayers. In the evening we had a party at Toh Guan with all the families. The kids performed and danced to Bum bum bole.. and agdam bagadam which was taught by Amma. Even I joined in the fun and Appa and Amma were glad to watch me performing.
Amma and I lighting the Diwali diyasBursting crackers and lighting sparklers
The next day, we did Lakshmi pujan and we had some fun bursting fireworks with Bryan and Marcus.
I can now recognize the sounds of letters and numbers from zero to nine. I was given the 3 piece jigsaw puzzles and I now enjoy solving them. Amma and Appa got me some more and we have a lot of fun solving these puzzles. I love taking bath with whale, sharks, alligators, squids and crocodiles.
The song of the month has been "Singh is king... Singh is king..."

Picasso @ work

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