Tuesday, December 30, 2008

November 2008 Update

Budding painter
My cool pose
My creation
The Oranjes!!I get confused sometimes with the ways of the world..
Exhibit 1: Om, when you grow up, you can do it (it, being, anything a whole lot of fun).. You are a baby now..
Exhibit 2: Om you are a big boy now.. you should brush your teeth..
Now am I a big boy or a baby... I asked the same question to Amma..
As you can see from the above.. brushing my teeth is a major everyday drama and i think its part of growing up.. Amma is learning that slowly..

Appa told us that we will be going to Phuket in December and we have been planning it a lot..Appa brought in books of different countries from the library and I enjoy reading them and listening to Appa tell me about countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria etc.
@ WestMall library

I love doing my jigsaw puzzles. They are now puzzles with greater complexity, with different shapes to put together. Amma spends quite a bit of time trying to teach me phonics and counting. However, I dont think this is the right time for me. I love playing with play-doh and i make noodles, dosai and pasta with them. My little friend, Shreyas, came to visit me and I had great fun playing with him and Nirmala-maami.
With my jigsaw pieces

Praveen chithappa visited us and treated us to dinner at Heritage . I have taken a liking to his Hyundai Avante car. The best part of the dinner was the experience with the finger-bowl.
@ the restaurant

There was also the Diwali party at the community center. I had quite a bit of fun, dancing on the stage. It was great watching one of the sardars, Singh is King!!!
We also went to West Mall and did the horsey-horsey as well as the choo-choo train express. I also have picked up some new dance moves.
@West Mall in Bukit Batok

Appa also took me to his office and i met some of his colleagues. We then went to catch the movie Madagascar-2. I now have a new playmat from ToysRUs. I love it quite a bit but i love Tanay anna's playmat more...
My Appa's cubicle
Watching Madagascar @ Suntec
My totally cool.. completely awesome playmatAmma's dance party surprise was total fun and I had a great time getting pictures with my friends with my "Hey gals.. lets say cheese" routine!!

Hi girls.. with my friend Shreya

@ the party

The visit to Jurong Lake Park was total fun.
Rope bridge & slide @ Jurong lake park

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