Saturday, December 01, 2007

October update

Ever since getting me interested in animals, Appa has had this burning desire to show me live animals in a zoo. So, when uncle Neeraj had come to Singapore and wanted to visit the zoo, Appa & Amma jumped at the opportunity to go there. That was a real fun experience. I saw lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras.. u name it. I was able to put a face to all these animals. The highlight was of course, the feeding of the elephants.. After the show by Komali (the lead elephant) and his friends, there was a feed your pet elephant occasion. Appa & Amma thought it good to buy a basket of fruits to feed the elephant. But when they gave it to me to feed the elephant, I wanted to eat it myself, being hungry and all... Then Appa lifted me and put a banana on my outstretched hand and the elephant picked it from my hand with its trunk. That was some exciting stuff..Then, the elephant started thanking us by showering us with water from its trunk.

Uncle Neeraj, Amma, Appa & I also went to a couple of other places Clarke Quay, Vivocity and Annalakshmi restaurant. There was a Bavarian band at Clarke Quay doing the Oktoberfest routine and we all had a blast. We then went to a fashion show in Vivocity that Appa got me to see by lifting me up on his shoulder.

My vocabulary now includes Paa (paal in Tamil for milk), so i can communicate that i need milk. It also includes uncle... every big (not so elderly) male is an unka. I can point out at lights and say "aaha". My favorite evening pastime is to stand in front of the idiot box to see whats going on.

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