Saturday, December 01, 2007

August Update

Tenthouse Rock!!

So.. this is how you dismantle the tent
me with Kaikai, my neighbor from my older apartment

Kaikai, Amma & Appa's first pet

Om, & Kaikai (with respective Amma & Appa's)
Alternate career
One of my favorite haunts
So.. this is whats called Colgate
Pepsi or Coke or Virgin... The true Cola!!!!
Is this comfortable or what?
Innocence is a 9-letter word
Yo-ho ho and a bottle of rum!!!
At the balconyPeekaboo... Appa

Amma & Appa are slowly getting tired of people calling me a 'girl' each time they see me. They patiently explain that I am actually a boy. Its good that these well-meaning, (ignorant) people have not tried talking to me as if I was a girl. I am not so patient.
Amma now combs my hair into a choti, tying the lock of hair on the top of my head together

with a rubberband, that looks really cool. The fashion is oh-so retro!!!
I now boast of a few new toys!! I am now the proud owner of a talking parrot as well as a tenthouse filled with balls of various colors. I like playing with the balls as well as overturning the tenthouse. I also can now say 'ball' for the spherical contraption that is able to roll and which Appa & Amma keep throwing towards me.
I also like to push & pull the shopping trolley so much that I could even try doing that for a living!!
15 Aug is actually a pretty important date. Its the day South Korea celebrates its national day. Its also the day that India celebrates its Independence Day. Its also the day Amma dressed me as Bhagat Singh and took me to the Indian High Commission where kids slightly older than me were singing what they call patriotic songs. Its also where I met Sathya athai again.

Kaikai and his parents came home to visit me. Kaikai's the biggest fan of Ultraman, Superman, Spiderman, and he's also Appa & Amma's first pet kid. It was great to link up with Kaikai again and learn the latest about the superheroes. I know I don't care too much for them right now, but Amma & Appa are sure that its just a matter of time for me. I am sure this knowledge will not go to waste!!

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