Saturday, December 01, 2007

July Update

My shelves

Me & My Mirror

Piggy Piggy

Tera Tera Tera Suroor!!!!!

I have a question for you.. Guess whats couple of my favorite places in the world? You cannot..!!? Look at the pictures for clues...

Yup.. Give yourself full marks if you got the following: the cabinets in the bedroom which i love opening & closing, the largish mirror in our living room which I use to practise my mannerisms..

You know what... I also love being a piggy (at least thats what Amma calls it)

And here is my vocabulary update for July - Clock, Fower (Flower), Miao (Cat), Baby ....

Amma got it within her that I need to wear a cap (maybe due to Himesh's influence) and got Appa to buy one. They seem to always force me to wear...I really don't like to but for once I'll just relent and fulfil their wish....

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Taste of Mysore said...

Hi Om,
Oh u like that nasal singer Himmesh? it sounds as though he is a reincarnation of a me. You can as well try and be Sonu Nigam, he sings very well. May be u can ask amma to curl your hair to look like Sonu instead of making u look like Himesh. Good Luck Om with your venture. ;)