Thursday, March 06, 2008

A new calendar year - January 2008 update

nice place to relax!!!
i like this silky shirt amma!!!

i like this saari of amma's

2008 started off for me with a visit to MacRitchie reservoir. Shanti-paati did show me a few turtles and made my day.
I now have a new cubical shape-sorter, and I can identify a few of the shapes and properly put them in through the box.

I also have a new Lego set.
Although its supposed to be mine, I am amused to find that Appa & Amma play with it more than I do, and Amma says we have to give it to Appa for cerativity.

appa made this PYRAMID!!My favorite song for this month is Omkara.. (Dhum dhum dhadam dhadiya re...) and I bang my drum with this song.
I also have mastered the Happy Happy song "If you are happy and you know it.. clap your hands.." with the headboard of our bed providing my stage. I have added "Hands up high... hands down low....hands at the back... " to my repertoire.
if you arre happy and you know it....say HURRAY
Appa recently cleared the cobwebs from his bicycle, and also took me on a round in it. Ever since I have taken a liking to it and I play with it especially with the chains, and pedals. Neeraj uncle had come over for a Singapore visit and he got me a nice little remote control car that somehow mysteriously vanished the same day... me thinks Amma is the culprit (I do remember her saying to Neeraj that I had dismantled my previous remote car in double quick time and so she would keep it away from me for awhile).

Amma points out that I am the one who notices any new pendant or earring that she's wearing.

Of all the words in this world, Angela is the one that brings a smile to my face and I meet her sometimes in the playarea, going around in her pram.

I wish Brian & Marcus, my neighbors regularly these days.. I also had a great football session with Brian on the corridor, one of these days.

Till now, its always been about me being called various nicknames by Amma, Appa and the rest. I decided to turn the tables on the world. When Manoj chithappa visited us on one of the weekends, I christened him 'Bhajin'. Amma & Appa tried mightily to correct me but i did not budge and persisted in calling him Bhajin. I am vindicated now that Appa & Amma have now resorted to calling Manoj Bhajin.

To sign off, I have been noticing Appa increasing his visits to the library. I have heard Appa and Amma discussing visiting Oz-land sometime soon... I wonder what this is all about!!! I have also gatecrashed into the club of people who have made atleast 1 collage in their life.

lets plan our trip appa!!!

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