Tuesday, January 29, 2008

December 2007

i have seen appa filling air with this thing,let me try......there is a car!!!!

I have my own Car T-Shirt, courtesy Amma.

I now have a new friend - Khushi who plays with me, and we do return visits to each others' homes regularly.

Amrita auntie, Dhrubo uncle, Nirmala chithi, Bhaskar chithappa had come over for dinner and I was entertained by the singing session over dessert. Appa went and played in a cricket match at the Sri Lankan Sports Assn ground with his IIT alumni folks and I was watching and wanted to bat as well. I got some new charts and books from the book festival.

I got a new engine.
Appa & Amma attended a talk where they left me in the kids' area with the 'satisfaction' of watching all our activities over the CCTV monitor and I had loads of fun there. Appa was incensed at an aunty who called me naughty. Amma felt active would have been a better description and also that labeling kids was not a good practice.
Some of these days, Amma takes me along for walks(she calls it nature walk) letting me touch the grass, soil, pebbles, dry leaves etc.. And I love it...
I have now discovered that fridge is a treasure-trove. I can open it and help myself to food. Amma & Appa decided to put a child-lock on it. And I decided to not let the child lock come between me and my food.
I keep Amma on her toes all the time leading others to comment that I am the reason she has a slim figure. Aunty Rose comes to help Amma with cleaning and I go to help her in her chores. I also love imitating Amma dusting the house.
I also sometimes take Appa’s blackberry and start talking to Thatha… I know this thingy is used to talk to other people.. I also imitate Appa’s mannerisms.. i.e. walking back and forth while talking on the blackberry
Appa on his mission of making me a ‘complete man’ took me and Amma to the Jurong Birdpark for me to see in first person, the birds, some of which I had seen in books and around my house in the mornings & evenings.

We also had a little X-Mas party for kids at our CC, which I attended.

We attended a Garden-Tech show where the main attraction for me were them medium-sized truck-tractors.

My vocabulary is now growing at a pretty fast pace. I can name various modes of transport, car, aeroplane, etc. and also birds like kaka (crow), cocan (toucan), maina, tree, leaf, various wild animals.My favorite pastime now is to laze around in the bath-tub every morning.

My latest likes/dislikes: watermelon, pear, ricepuffs…

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