Monday, January 08, 2007

Update: 4 Months Old

Its been a hectic couple of months here in Singapore now. I can almost roll myself over but still need a final helping push from Appa to roll over onto my stomach. Apparently, thats the biggest accomplishment for kids my age.

Thatha and Paati were here until Christmas and even Gauri athai visited us for a couple of weeks. I visited Esplanade for the first time, a 2-domed structure that is the defining symbol of the arrival of Singapore as an Arts destination.

We also visited Sentosa, the fun island with me dressed in a frock "Omi". Amma tells me that I have a funny sense of timing, sleep when I am expected to be awake and wake up when the moment has passed. Like when I slept through our whole Underwater World visit and then at the Night Safari.

We went to a temple on the occasion of Amma & Appa's wedding anniversary only for me to end up being completely terrified of the beats of the tavil during the mangalarathi. I also visited the beach at Changi Village with a whole lot of relatives. Also, went to VivoCity, the newly opened mall in Singapore for Christmas. Amma & Appa got totally hung up over getting me something to play with. Courtesy that, I now have a Floor Gym, and I am now fascinated by it. I can just keep playing with a couple of rattles, while at the same time, listening to rhymes music being belted out by the piano fixed on top. I can now also change the pattern of music by some deft manouevring of the rattles. In short, I am totally hooked.

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valentino said...

hey om....keep us updated on ur ride to ways dont trouble ur papa n r d ones who will guide u through d defining moments of ur 'll always b der with u,wether u need to roll or rock.....luv u om......