Sunday, November 19, 2006

A month now in Singapore...

I am now 3 months old...inching towards the century mark...Past one month has been hectic to say the least.

  • The JetStar air travel experience from Bangalore to Singapore at 4 AM in the morning to start off... Someone should tell those wise folks over at JetStar to have a flight at a more convenient hour, not for me of course but for older people. Thankfully, Appa was over at the airport to pick us up at Changi.
  • Visiting chinna paati Shanthi & Krishnan chinna thatha and my chithis, Vidhya and Sathya, and Manoj chithappa.

  • My first ride on the pram(Amma calls it my Mercedes) to the Ruthra KaliAmman Temple.
  • My first trek to Telok Blangah Hill Park with Appa, Amma, Thatha and Paati.
  • Being visited by Bhaskar periappa and Nirmala periamma.
  • Being rocked by Paati on my very own Jhula.
  • Eating koozhu while listening to Amma singing rhymes.
  • Being cooed at over the webcam by Raghu chithappa, kollu-thatha and family.
  • Being given daily massage by Amma.

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Wan2urS said...

its very very sweet i hav never seen nyones blog but 4 sure its worth looking at when i saw urs. so keep doing n bettring. nt sure its ki ye baby ne hi likha hai par tum bhi thoda bahut sikh lena he is goin 2 b a gr8 writter nt a army men mind it.