Saturday, September 23, 2006

I am also called Krishna!!!

I have an inkling why everyone says life is so complicated...
Appa and Amma call me Om. In the Punyavachanam ceremony where I was officially named, Appa called me "Krishna" in my ear three times, and apparently thats my 'traditional' name. Thatha and other elders wanted to call me "Krishna". Besides, per custom, grandfather's name is given to the first-born, here, me and since Thatha's name is Gopalan, my name had to be a version of Krishna. And I am told, as i grow up I will be called different pet-names by different people. Its going to be tough but I think i will manage.

The Punyavachanam on Sep 18th was interesting. Amma's folks had come over from Ambikapur and Raipur and Appa's folks had come over from Bangalore and Mumbai. I slept through most of the function. However, everyone wanted to lift me and comment on my features, whether they were like Amma, or Appa or Thatha or Paati. And after the function, Appa had to fly to Vietnam via Singapore.

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