Monday, September 08, 2008

July 2008 update

The red fire-truck which I call my bed...
While frantic negotiation for the nuclear deal is currently under way, closer home, Amma scored a diplomatic coup for me by convincing Appa to get me a fire-truck bed, the one which is painted red all over, and with the ladder & red light to boot. I am not supposed to know this, but apparently this truck-bed also has another pull-out bed. Needless to say, I love this bed, and I sleep in it regularly.


Amma gets some weird pleasure (as all mothers and sisters are wont to from time to time) in dressing me up in a saree and making me look like a girl..Wait till I grow a little bit older and put an end to this silly nonsense.

This dress can induce laughter sometimes!!The life of a gymnast - Expect a toddler to always figure out a way to play with whatever one has readily availableAt Sankranti restaurant - Me lapping up the curd-rice and Bhajin's war-stories

Did you know that Bhajin can eat a lion!! He said so himself. He was explaining this at Satya atthai's treat at Sankranti. While eating the absolutely delicious thair-sadam (curd-rice), I was thanking my stars that I am on Bhajin's good books. who knows what else he plans to have on his menu??
Jurong Lake Park - We fulfilled Appa's wish of going to the Jurong Lake Park

Q: Why do you climb a tree? A: Because It's There!!
Amma & Me
So these are the parts of tree
Manish bhaiyya & I
Other Updates:
The song of the month is ... poom poom from Partner.
My vocabulary has now picked up significantly. I can now convey ideas in sentences.
Over at MMI, I now have another friend, Randall. We play together a lot and he usually does what I do and vice-versa, including once sleeping on the floor which got Miss Rahimah's goat. And the consequences included being warned that I would be taken to Miss Usha's office.
I now have quite a few friends from the neighborhood, and we have a whale of a time every evening. These days they keep singing OSO (Om-Shanti-Om) and run after me and so I run after them too. After the usual playtime, I chat with Vaishnavi-akka from our balcony while having our respective dinners.
I also picked up a few new car logos like Chevy, Subaru.
My weekly rendezvous with the folks at My-Gym continues.

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