Monday, June 09, 2008

March 2008 update

Ever since I have come back from Oz-land, I have been bombarded with questions on what I have seen in Australia, did i see a kangaroo.. etc. I can happily tell everyone that i have seen

kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, seagulls, penguins, etc. I can also point out the Opera House if I am shown a picture.
I still remember Kumar-uncle saying good job and Priya-aunty with her Cheerios.

I now have a new bath song Patti-rap which Appa & I sing during my weekend bath sessions. Amma especially laughs at the line 'podumada sami enakku oru wife'...
Amma's schoolmate Shashank had come over to Singapore and I had a chance to meet up with him and I had a tough time trying to keep up with their conversation, and tried to muscle in on the conversation with my tantrums.
I have started going to "My Gym" on Saturdays. I love playing with all the items over there and also love the teachers there.

Bhajin had come over and I enjoyed going on walks with him and playing with him.
on the way to my gym
I overnight doubled or tripled my toy collection when Pranav bhaiya gave all his toys to me and now I am the proud owner of a Lightning Mcqueen car, a taxi, a fire-engine truck, a helicopter and other assorted stuff.
I now do everything with my transport toys. I play with them, sleep with them, eat with them and even tuck my toys under the pillow and on the side of the bed.
The tent-house is also up and I have all my stuff there too.
can u sit like this????

The other actvitity completed was that of my own car collage.

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