Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Deepavali

I knew something was amiss as soon as I got into the plane at Raipur. Hari-maama helped us get into the plane. It was the first time I saw the interiors of whats called an aircraft. Some smartly uniformed people were making some totally funny gestures with their hands. I am told they are called 'flight attendants'. They were good-looking and also helped Amma with the bag that she was carrying and were very helpful throughout the flight and after.

And once I reached Mumbai, after a harrowing experience for about an hour, we managed to meet up with Gauri athai and then went to Raghu chittappa's house. After a break of about an hour, we were joined by Raghu chittappa and then joined the Jet Airways' flight to Bangalore. I think I am fascinated by Raghu chittappa's 'french' beard. Finally we reached thatha's place in Bangalore.

I promptly went to sleep after the exchange of pleasantries. Thatha and Paati were absolutely delighted to see me after a month. Thatha had made some 'mysurpa' and Paati had made some 'pakoda', but unfortunately, I won't be able to savour all these until I am completely weaned and am able to eat solid food.

When I woke up on 20th morning, I saw a familiar face next to me. Appa was wishing me "Happy Deepavali" and "Good Morning". And I also noticed, Amma saying that she was pleasantly surprised on seeing Appa when she did not expect him at all. And there's a lot of sound coming from explosions of 'bombs', 'fireworks' around home and occasionally I get woken up by the sound.
Here's wishing everyone a 'Happy Deepavali'.

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